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Hi Everyone,

Just purchased ME and trying it out to automate downloading reports from various websites. I like ME for it's easy learning curve, which will make it easier if anyone else has to modify my macros, but, on the negative side, I'm missing some functionality I've grown accustomed to when using Autohotkey. I see there are function librarys, just haven't decided yet if I will continue to use ME or go back to AHK.


The problem I have now is in reviewing some post I see there are links to macros. But, when I click the link, a web page opens and I just see text like >. I was expecting it to d/l a file.


Am I doing something wrong or maybe the links have expired (some of the posts were pretty old).



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No, you're not doing anything wrong Alan. I get same behaviour here. Not sure which browser you have, but what I now do in Firefox is this:


1. Copy the name of the attached file to the clipboard


2. R-click the attachment link and choose Save Link As


3. Because the forum is geared to IE users, and doesn't fully support Firefox or other browsers, the name of the file about to download is for some reason always 'index.php'. So I immediately paste the correct name over that.


4. Continue in usual way to get the download, which is then in my folder with the right name.



Terry, West Sussex, UK

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