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Terminal Services Limitations


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I've seen the knowledgebase article and a few posts but most make vague reference to certain things not working. Does anyone have a categorical listing of functional limitations? I can experiment but it would be easier to read about it.


I know as long as the TS session is displayed things work fine. I also know that if disconnected some things don’t work. I’m guessing TS doesn’t bother displaying things in effect if there is no audience which might indicate some things that don’t work. I also know that I have large macros that run programmatically, not using the GUI, and they all work fine even if disconnected. But I’m about to write a macro that needs to interact with a program over hours coping, pasting, and navigating and it would be nice if I didn’t have to have the TS window up the entire time to run it.


Even if you don’t have such a list but know of some limitation running a macro in a TS session minimized or disconnected I’d love to hear it.



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There are several Knowledgebase articles that contain suggestions about running Macro Express in a Citrix environment. Many (all?) of the same issues apply. I recommend that you enter 'Citrix' in the Knowledgebase search box


We will update the knowledgebase articles to searching for the keywords 'Terminal Services' or 'Terminal Server'.


Wait for Window, Activate Window, may not work: Does Macro Express work on a Citrix or Windows Terminal Server?


May use too many CPU cycles: Optimizing Macro Express CPU Utilization


Work files may not be private between users: If your macro writes information to a file on the server's hard drive in a folder that is shared by all users, when multiple users run the macro at the same time, the data from one user could be overridden by the data from another user. To get around write work files in user-specific folders or include the 'Session ID' in the filename or filepath.

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I'm finding the shared clipboard is a nightmare. The only solutin I've been able to find so far is to is to disable it but this has to be done in the Group Policy Editor and I don't have to have to reboot every time I make a change. I found that if I clear the clipboard every time I use it I don't have problems. Maybe I shoudl do a writeup on this an stick it on my website....

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