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My PC has been updated with IE7 and i am having some problems with my existing macros that run webpages. In the past whenever i had internet explorer opened and went to open another webpage it would open in the exisiting window. Now it is opening a new window. I had thought that was a setting in Internet Explorer but I don't see that option in IE7. Can anyone help?


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IE7 by default will open a 'popup' from another application or whateever to a new tab. I think this is your trouble, right? In any case there is a new option section under the general tab calld "Tabs" that has all the configurations. I'm not exactly sure what you want to do but all the settigns you need should be in here.

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Sorry, no. Not with out doing some experimentation. Maybe Kevin will know more. I too need to consider this as a whole bunch of my people will be going to IE7 soon and I know I need to consider this but I'll cross that road when I come to it. Good luck.


BTW, give IE7's tabbed browsing and other features a chance. I'm sure you will eventually find them very cool.


FWIW I tried one just now and it simply creates another tab. And if I have the box checked to activate new tabs it appears on top. How come this won't work for you?

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