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Commands Not Working In Script Editor


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Dear Macro Express Community.


Can you help please. I have been using Macro express 3.5e ( for a number of months and have come to love the tool so much I cannot be without it.


I have just moved from a win2k machine to an XP Pro installation. I have used the same version of the tool on both, but I am now having problems with ME freezing and not responding under XP.


Essentially on my new PC clicking on some commands (keyboard and text) in ME script editor cause the app to freeze. All other commands when clicked on open their drop down of sub commands and work fine.


I have tried to reinstall and have even tried the latest version but I still have the same problem.


Can I ask if anyone else has had problems clicking on commands and them cause the machine to stop responding???? :blink:


The strange thing is - I brought over to the new machine my old macros. If I open one that had text or keyboard commands in it they work fine and I can make changes.


Thank in advance

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Many thanks for quick response Jason


Unfortunately the second I click on the command 'text' or 'keyboard' the app will freeze and come back not responding - this means I don't get to the point where any windows pop up or the sub list of commands become available.


My work around for the moment involved me logging into an older pc that had ME on it and exporting a macro that had every sub command appearing under the 'text' and 'keyboard' commands. I then imported this back into the machine I am having problems on as I know the commands once in a macro work fine. I use this macro as the basis for all my new macro's and delete the commands if I did not use them - I hope that makes sense????

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