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I am having problems with Macro Express freezing my programs including Macro Express.


I have Windows XP Home Edition.


For example, when I run Macro Express, and it freezes everything, the minimzed programs at the bottom can be clicked and it allows ALL the programs to be depressed at once while none of the programs open up.


Also, when it's frozen, I cannot go into Macro Express, and change any coordinates or numbers. It's completely frozen. I can put the mouse cursor in the corresponding box, but cannot move the cursor backwards to eliminate the number/letter.


Finally, when I have a certain macro running every 5 seconds, I cannot test any other Macro because the "green" run button cannot be used because another macro is running/firing every 5 seconds.


What can I do to fix these problems? This has been happening for quite a while, but never got around to posting.



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What do you mean by

when I run Macro Express ...
? Starting MacExp.exe? Executing a macro?


I cannot test any other Macro because the "green" run button cannot be used because another macro is running/firing every 5 seconds.

How are running your macro that runs/fires every 5 seconds?

ME's Scheduler?

Repeat loop within one script that has a Delay of 5 seconds?

If yes to the prior, consider removing the Repeat Loop and 5 second delay, and using ME's Scheduler to run your macro every 5 seconds. If you have questions regarding how to use the Scheduler, look up Schedule in the Help Index, and then Schedule Macro to Run at Miscellaneous Times. If you only want that particular macro to run every five seconds for a certain amount of time, make two more scheduled macros, one to enable and another to disable your "DoThisEvery5Secs" macro. I attached a zipped macro to demonstrate the prior suggestion.


Please consider zipping and posting your mex file.


Please reply if this answers your questions and maybe solves your problems, which I hope it does. :)




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This is the simplest of examples I have. It is really wacky. This does not pertain to my previous example, but this is another one.


I treid to run a macro that had the line "wait for window to focus". I accidentally put "focus" in the line when it really should have been "open". After I ran it, it told me that there was an error, of course because "focus" was not an active window title.


I tried to go in and change it, but the cursor was stuck and would evn allow me to backspace all the letters to delete the word "focus". It was just stuck there and couldn't move at all.


I had to reboot the computer to get it to work again. This happens time and time again.


What is wrong with this program? I am really getting annoyed.





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