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Change Browser Macro?


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I am creating macros for my company, where all the computers come loaded with IE, Mozilla, and Avant browsers.


My question is, is there a macro command I can use that allows the user to select their default browser and then it changes all the commands (alot of functions are run within web windows) in each of the macros to be set to that particular browser?


Otherwise, I'll have to create a new set of macros for each browser.

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I am working on a sample macro that will determine the default browser. I have plans to extend this macro with additional features and include it on our Shared Macros web page. In the meantime you are welcome to see what I have so far. This version includes detection for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. It detects other browsers but does not provide a name for them (it displays the name of the executable). I would welcome your input on improving the macro to provide a name for the Mozilla, Avant and any other browsers.


Once you know which browser a specific user is running then you can tailor your macros for it. For example, the built-in Wait for Web Page command only works with IE. But, you could detect which browser is running and incorporate the Wait Web Page: Netscape macro found on the shared macros page. You could also use that macro to create a macro that would provide this function for Firefox, Mozilla and Avant.


If you want your macro to launch a specific browser regardless of which one the user has selected then you could use the Launch and Activate command. You will probably need to know the location where each browser is installed. This would be easy for Internet Explorer but may not be so easy for other browsers.


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