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Lycos (free) Email: React Upon Emails Received


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:unsure: ????? :(

I have just downloaded Macro Express a few days ago and I found it is a powerful and most helpful automation tool. But it is also difficult to learn for more specific tasks such as the following.


I have a free email account with Lycos.com and I receive many emails. What I want to do is:


Go to mail.lycos.com


Go to a specific folder (name = Ads)

Go to first email listed

Reply to email with a text that is stored in a *.txt file (name = ad1.txt)

Copy email address and store (append to) in a *.txt file (name = email1.txt)

Delete email

Got to next email listed (since earlier one is deleted, that one is first in list now)

Loop untill no email remains in this folder

Macro End


Since I am just starting out with Macro Express I have no way to write such a macro and just to record my mouse clicks and key strokes does not help because of the in-different loading times of the various "windows"


Is there a way that I get elp with this macro or that some one writes it for me? (payment?)


:) Thank you for your time reading my post and for your reply. :)


Best regards

Anton Kaufmann

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