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How To Type "@"


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I spent a long time looking at the help and tried in all the menus ...

still can't find how to type an e-mail adress via Macro Express.


When I go to "Text type" in the Script commands,

I can see how to type an Alt-key

but not the Alt-gr-key


and on the other hand, the symbols available don't include the @.


Can anybody help ?

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I'm not sure if this is one of those questions that seems simple but isn't. Why can't you just type the @ symbol as you would normally do (= shift+2) in the Text Type box?


example: myname@myserver.com


edit If you don't have the standard english keyboard (ie no @) then another way of getting the @ is to click "Symbols" in the Text Type dialog, then "Alt-Key sequence" and enter the number 64. If you have something other than the ANSI character codes the number may be different.


This is how it looks in the Text Type box:

Text Type: <ALT:64>

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