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Problems With Shortkey Prefixes In Excel


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For some strange reason my prefix keys, which are "--" are not consistently removed in Excel when I try to trigger a macro from a cell. Sometimes the prefix completely removes itself, other times it removes a single "-", and at other time it doesnt removed the prefix at all.


Does anyway know why this happens and/or how I can fix it?


I'm using version (3.5e build 1).


While here I must say, so that that the world can see, Macro Express is the best thing since bread slicing machines were invented! I am called Macro-man at my place of work.

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You wouldn't believe it but after at least a few years of suffering this issue and within a couple of minutes of posting the issue, I've just thought of and tried a workaround.


It is to introduce a short delay, 0.4 seconds in this instance, and the shortkey prefix completely removes itself every time. I guess MacExp is just too quick for Excel.

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If you deal much with Excel I can tell you another trick… Don’t type, paste. Check this out… When you copy to the clipboard from Access, Excel, Outlook and dozens of other programs and read it into a text variable or paste it into a text file it’s a tab separated values file! And in Access and Outlook it even grabs the header for you if you have a single record selected. I use this all the time and simply chew thru the text var to get what I need and it works great.


On the output side you can paste into cells as well. For instance you can assemble a row or rows of cells in a text variable using the TAB and CRLF and when you paste them in they’re all in order. Saves tons on timing issues. That combined with F5 makes working with Excel a breeze.

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Thanks. Let me tell you I was a very happy camper the day I discovered that one. It's nice when working in Excel to be able to massage a bunch of cells in place for the user without haivng to go cell by cell. I have one that reformats social security numbers and one can have hundreds highlighted and it's done in a blink. In fact the users often don't even realize it's done anything!

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