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Anyone Run Me As Isapi Or On Remote Web Server?


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Hi all, i've scoured the topics and google for something like this.


My clients only have web cenncections to our server, they should not open a client of any kind to run macros. I need ME to run on the server, log in to a secure web site, lok up a value for them and stick it in a form - all of that part is done already.


What i cant do yet is fire the macro to run n the web server (yes its always logged in) unbeknownst to them. I've looked for ISAPI filters to put into our IIS to no avail, and i can only connect ISAPI (if i used the extension .mex or some such) to a DLL to run, not an exe like MeProc.exe.


In the past i got analog.exe (processing exYYMMDD.log files) to run from our ASP calling a perl script anlgform.pl that would run the analog, and i put MeProc into that same folder, and its still not initiating. It could just be that analog.exe works with perl's CGI library and MeProc doesn't, who knows?


So can anyone help me? run a macro up on a web server from an ASP page?

Ah, and he one solution watching a folder for someting to process won't work, i need this on demand click on a form turnaround time, to fill in that value.


Thanks all, this is an awesome forum!

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