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*pil* ?


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I am trying to create my first macro using Macro Express 3.

All seems to work fine but when the macro completes the required processes I end up with a dialog box with *PIL* displayed.


At this point the marco terminates and Macro Express has to be restarted before the macro can be used again.


Why is this happening ?




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The only way the PIL message is generated is if someone has entered a fraudulent license code into the program. Macro Express comes with a 30-day trial license. In some cases, when asked, we can provide a license that extends the trial period.


It would be best to uninstall it and then download the proper evaluation version from Macro Express at Download Page. This should solve the PIL problem.

No, that does not work. The only way to clear the PIL message is to purchase a license or reformat your hard drive.

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