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I want to be able to hold down the control key, Press J then K and have two separate simple macros executed without having to release the control key. It seems I can only execute these macros by hitting ctrl+J (release ctrl) then ctrl+K (release ctrl). Is this need to release the control key for macro activation universal in macro maker and Is there a way around this?


The macros by the way are two simple move mouse pointer and left click.

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Quoting Joseph Weinpert: Macro Express Explained:

Alt Key

Control Key

Shift Key

Win Key

These commands allow you to control the down or up state of these "control" keys. For every "down", there must be a matching "up", in other words, they work in pairs. This is so important that Macro Express displays each command line between the down and up state indented, like in a Repeat Loop or If / End If structure.

Activate Window: "Microsoft Word" // Activate Word
Shift Key Down // Hold the Shift Key down
  Repeat Start (Repeat 20 times) // Loop 20 times
     Text Type: <ARROW DOWN> // Select next line
  Repeat End // Done repeating
Shift Key Up // Let go the Shift Key



Try two Macro Run commands within the Ctrl Up en Down:

Control Key Down
  Macro Run: MacroThatStartsWithControlJ
  Macro Run: MacroThatStartsWithControlK
Control Key Up

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You need to release the Control Key before the macro will launch.


You may have more success using the Macro Run command. The calling macro will run macro A and then once that macro has completed, it will run macro B. The Macro Run command does require that your macros have a nickname as this is how you select the macro to be run.

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