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I am trying to create a macro to control a company internal web application. The app uses javascript for navigation in an Internet Explorer window. Is there a way to get a macro to run the javascript command directly? This way I can create my own navigation by running a macro to get to a specific location.


Some of the javascript commands are:

java script:contentFrame.moveToLocation('topNavigation.do?method=myWork')




java script:moveToLocation('processActivityRequest.do?method=invokeNestedActivity&ActivityId=manageClaim.summary')


any help would be appreciated

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Welcome to the forum!


I am no expert on creating intranets, so I could be wrong. However, my understanding is that javascript is run internally using a browser and that it is imbedded in the HTML (or whatever) code. You can have external .js files that are read in by the browser, but they cannot be run externally or standalone, unlike VBSsript files. This means that Macro Express has no means to access them, at least not that I am of aware of.

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