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Window Show/hide Functions Not Working In Vista


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I had macros set to hide a window with key A and show the same window with key B.

Everything works in Windows XP.

In Windows Vista, the macros only work when I have the Macro Express application as the active window. If i'm at an empty desktop or any other application, the macros do not work.


I have already disabled ALL of the Protected Mode checkboxes in IE7.


Thanks for any help!

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Many windows have changed titles in Windows Vista. Could this explain the problem?


Do your macros have any 'Scope' settings? If so, you may need to change the scope.


What is the specific title of the window you are hiding and showing?


Here is what I would do.

- Make sure the window that you want to hide is on the screen.

- Open the Macro Express Editor and edit your macro.

- Bring up the Window Hide command dialog.

- Click on the 'Select Window' button.

- Check to make sure that the window title you are using appears in the list.


Also, we have recently discovered that Macro Express does not access 64 bit programs and processes when running on Windows Vista 64 bit. If the specific program is a 64 bit process, you will not be able to hide it using Macro Express v 3.6 and prior. We are working on a fix for this.


What version of Windows Vista are you using?



Kevin Heaton

Insight Software Solutions, Inc.

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If you post your code I could try it in Vista and see if I have the same problem.


Also what are the window titles and is it possible they're the same?


Maybe it's a new hotkey. I mean what if one of the activation keys is now used by somethign in Vista that wasn't in use in XP.

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The only code I have is a couple of lines of the 'Windows Hide' command.

I have them set to 'Specific Window' and I specify the window title.


for example, I have Disk Defragmenter running. Under Specific Window, I have 'Disk Defragmenter' in the Window Title field. It does match the window name and the only time the macro works is if I have the Macro Express application running and it is the foremost application on my screen. If I minimize everything and try to run the hotkey, it won't work. I have tried various hotkeys from SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+"X" combinations to simple ALT-B combos.


I actually recreated the basic macro and I follow the same method as Kevin. It is also set to 'global'.


I also noticed my other macro does now work. It only has one line;

Windows Reposition: Center - Current Win

It's set to 'Center on Screen' of the 'Current Window'

It will not work for any window, whether its fullscreen, maximized or a resized window.


One thing I notice when I press the hotkeys to run the macros is that you can notice Vista 'stutter' for a half second, as if the system recognized I punched the hotkey and it runs something, but it's not my macro, it just passes through.


Thanks for any help.

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I created a simple macro Window Hide: "Untitled - Notepad" and it worked in both Vista Ultimate with no Aero and Vista Business with Aero. The Ultimate system has Live OneCare and the Business system is running McAfee VirusScan Enterprise. The Ultimate has Protected Mode enabled for all except trusted sites and Business has Protected Mode active in all zones. I also create a recentering macro and it work in each.


Sorry I couldn’t be of more help but at least now you know that the problem isn’t Vista but rather some configuration or third party software and therefore rectifiable. Are you running any anti-spyware? How about any of those security suites with “Privacy Protection” or other similar apps that might be monitoring you input activities? Have you swept for spyware and viruses? Maybe you have a keystroke logger active. I could imagine how one of them might interrupt your macro. My guess is that you have some security software that’s interrupting your input thinking you have a bug and worried about ME’s activities. Beyond that I have no clue. As an admin my next step would be to isolate the problem by disabling different things. Maybe try a Safe Mode boot.

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The issue has somehow resolved itself. I am running Vista 23-bit.


For some reason, after a 4th or 5th reboot, everything works :/


The only problem that remains is that when the Windows Hide or Windows Show is called, the little preview window that pops up on the taskbar items shows up blank, even though I have this function disabled. It seems to happen randomly, whether I have 2 windows or 10 open, a blank blue preview box appears and looks out of place.

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We tested this on a Vista 32-bit machine. We found that it had some issues . This is most likely because of thumbnails that you have been seeing. We have made some changes in the code that help Macro Express differentiate between the two and have been able to get to run reliably. We hope to get a new version posted soon so everyone will be able to take advantage of the new feature.

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