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Protected Mode Problem


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If I remember correctly when I went to IE7 in XP ME failed to run from hotkeys. The solution, I was told, was to disable Protected Mode. But I was just checking something regarding PM on another post and realized that since I went to Vista I don’t remember ever disabling PM and ME has been working fine. Recently I disabled PM for Local Intranet and Trusted Sites zones but I don’t think that had anything to do with it. Just now I enabled PM for all zones and have tested several macros and all seem to be working fine.


So what exactly is the scope of the PM problem? Was it only for IE7 running XP? Is it possible that Vista is immune? I don't care as there is no problem for me but I thought other's might be interested to know that one can use PM and ME but I'd like to understand it better before making that declaration.


Oh, also I just FnR’d a new laptop for a client with a fresh install of Vista Business and have not changed any of the default settings other than to apply all the updates, install Office and other user apps. ME works fine.

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