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Arrows Keystrokes Recording


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Depending on your typematic settings the arrows will work differently. YOu see your system will see you holding down a key for a certian period of time and only enter it once unless the key is held more than X number of seconds. Once X seconds has passed your system will start repetitively firing the key sequence. To illustrate open notpad and start holding down any letter. You will see it fires once and then a bunch of times after a delay. Same with the arrow keys. So your system is really seeing the holding of the arrow down as a series of pressings. You can do the same.


If you want to make the arrow go down like you holding it simply do a repeat with a down arrow command in the middle. However you wil probably need to introduce some timing controls depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If you get into that you need to consider ME's setting on how fast it 'types' your text commands. Either that or add somethig like a 100mS delay in your repeat. You can also change the type rate in the macro itself, check out Keyboard Repeat Speed and Delay commands under timing.

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Hm, I want to achieve this: I have an application in Adobe Flash Player. The arrows control the movement and I want to have an automatic sequence, which does a certain thing. The problem is that when I push the arrows manually and record the macro, then when I play it back, it's not the same, so it doesn't generate the required effect.


How can I fix it? Is there a way to set how arrow keystrokes are recorded?

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Trying to cheat at online poker are we? ;) Just kidding.


Don't use the record. Simply create the sequence in the scripting editor and experiment. If you need to move over so many times put the arrow move in a repeat so you can simply change the number of times it loops.

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