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Error # 10060


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I am getting an intermittent error when using a simple scheduled macro to email an attachment.

The dial up connection is made OK, but then I get either:-


Error 421: timeout exceeded


Connection closed gracefully

or most often

Email send error: Socket Error # 10060

Connection timed out


The attachment is only 17k




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Welcome to the forum ...


These kinds of errors displayed by Macro Express when using the email commands are being passed back from Windows. They are not Macro Express errors. I did a Google search on this and found many explanations. This one seems to be a pretty good summation:

It means that Windows reported that a connection attempt or idle connection timed out.


If this error occurs during a connection attempt (eg in a VPOP3 - SMTP Client connection problem error message), then it means that Windows couldn't connect to the ISP mail server within a fixed time (the timeout limit is fixed within Windows itself). This problem can either mean that your ISP is having a problem, that you are connecting through a slow proxy (in this case, try increasing the Diagnostics -> Tuning, "Connect Attempt Count" or "Connect Retry Time" settings), or that your Dial-up connection is faulty.


If this error occurs whilst a connection is in progress (eg in a VPOP3 - POP3 Client Problem error message), then it means that the connection was idle for a set time - this set time can be changed on the VPOP3 Diagnostics -> TCP/IP Tuning window.

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