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I know this will be an easy question to answer so please help –


I have created a few Macros by assigning them to Hotkeys and have been using them since the past six months.


My query is –


Is there anyway that these Macros can be scripted to not work between specific dates – say, I do not want them to function between 1/May/2007 to 10/May/2007 and then again work from 11/May/2007 onwards? Else, is there a way whereby the Macros will work only till 30/April/2007 and then effective 1/May/2007 stop functioning altogether? I do not mind re-scripting them to work from 11/May/2007 onwards.


Also, I have some 30 Hotkeys that have been assigned. Is there a simpler way to change the properties so that I can do the above desired change in a quicker and easier manner?


Any assistance would be appreciated…

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Thanx! Cory for your reply but I think I have found the solution to my query :) . It seems quite simple » use the "Scheduling - At File Load" option. In the Properties section, under Run Macro, choose the Load File option and then assign the day, date(s) and time as desired.


The method you have suggested would have been too difficult for a novice like me... :huh:

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Now ME can't natively do date comparisons

Sort of... in date format YYYYMMDD you can do an ASCII comparison. The ASCII value (character number) of 3 is smaller than the ASCII value of 4...


Date: Save YYYYMMDD (20000319) into %T90%
If Variable %T90% > variable %T95%

You'd better use the Text - Date command to get the proper format.



Note that you can also compare timestamps (date & time) but remember that a date with time addition is always larger than one without.

Date: Save YYYYMMDD (20000319) into %T90%
Time: Save hhmm (1544) into %T91%
Variable Modify String: Append %T91% to %T90%
If Variable %T90% > variable %T95%

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