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Macros With A Variable Pause & Repeat?


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How can you make a macro that will type some data then pause say 60 seconds then repeat text then pause 90 seconds etc.... but than have a min and max time and randomly picks a time. This way it doesn't look like a macro is typing the data.






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Hi Voodoo,


Let's say you wanted to wait between 40 and 90 seconds before you retype your data. Since 90 - 40 = 50, this means your delay will have a range of 50 seconds. ME's random number function will give you a number between 0 and whatever you specify, so you can use it to easily get a number between 0 and 50. Add 40 (your minimum delay) to that number and you have just what you need! Here's the way your code might look:


Repeat Until %N1% <> %N1%
 // ... insert commands to type your data ...
 Variable Set Integer %N1% with a Random Number  <-- specify 50 as your upper limit
 Variable Modify Integer: %N1% = %N1% + 40
 Delay %N1% Seconds
Repeat End




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