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Go To Command?


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Is there a way in a macro to easily go back to a different part of a macro and start from there?


For instance, I have a macro that some users use in which they fill out a series of prompts and multiple choices, and based off of what they fill in certain things occur. The users have requested the functionality of some sort of a "back button" and the idea I had was just to make that an additional option on the multiple choice menus. Then, if they selected that I wanted to be able to send them back up into the macro the the previous prompt. I am sure I could probably find some way to do this using repeat commands, I just didn't know if there was an easier way.


Any recommendations?

Is there a go to command I am just not aware of?



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An equivelant to GOTO is an oft requested feature but ME doesn't have one. However I think most of use who use ME for a while gigure out that using repeats is a better way in any case and lends better structure to the code.

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