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Data Synchroization And Mapping


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Out of curiosity, I've been trying figure out whether I should just buy a program that synchcronizes data bidirectionally from one database program to another specifically from a Mortgage database to ACT!, but I don't know if it's worth the effort to do this with ME if it can be done anyway.


Can this be done with ME?

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It can be done but usually there are built in import export capabilities that could do a better job. However I often need to tweak things just a bit in cases like these so I will often use ME and the export/import capabilities of the program to save me writing a ton of code in ME.


BTW, ME works very will for processing delimited ASCII text files which are usually the default export format. For instance I will often get data CSV from OCR or other sources but need to rearrange and make comparisons for import. In one case I have a macro that plows thru a couple of CSV files and make comparisons and decisions and in some cases even prompting the user to make decisions. The results are pushed to a tab separated file which is then easy to port into Excel for another app.

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