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I am working with a website page that has user logins that based on their experience and skills have different fields which causes a specific input button i need to press move to various locations on the screen. Is there a way to program ME to look for the object or do I need to set up a logic string to locate and mouse click?

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I've had a lot of frustration with using ME in web browsers and on rule I've made for myself is that you can use mouse move and clicks. One user will have a different toolbar, the website author decides to add a graphic or advertisement that's now 50 pixels taller... It's a moving target. Since there are no controls in web windows I had to invent several little tricks.


One is to tab thru the window. Many times the field you want is 6 tabs in. However this has problems sometimes with variable pages like you described. In this case I would do some combination of tabs with clipboard copies to string vars where ME would have some logic to find my mark. Sounds difficult but it isn't too bad. Just think "How do I know which one is correct?"


Another method is to use the find utility. Have ME text type CTRL+F and pull up the find dialog box. Then have it type in "My button" and it will jump the browser to the text "My button" just to the left of the button you want to press. Then you hit the Tab once and enter to 'click' your button.


Like I said, there are several ways to approach this but without knowing things like whether the button you want to press has text and if it's always the same I can't advise you more. But if you can find a programmatic way to do it with your keyboard use that as your method of attack in ME. Works for me! And if you want to kick down more info I could give you more suggestions.

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