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I'm not sure if I know exactly what your doing...but here is my response to what I THINK you are wanting to know.


If you right click on a file name...or even in a document like Word, etc...you get a list of commands. You can use up or down arrows to get to certain positions and then enter. OR you can go to your HELP in the specified program and search for keystrokes. There is almost always a help section on doing tasks by manual keystrokes instead of using the mouse, clicks and drop downs, etc.


You can then use these keystrokes, written into your macro to do the same thing as doing the right click,e tc. You can then write your macro with If statements to do certain scenarios with certain situations.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply! However, what I am referring to is when you right-click a file(word, excel, pdf), go down to properties/click it, and then there is a tab(don't have one to look at now) that you can see "keywords" that you can add additional keywords to help explain the file and what it's about.


How can I gather up all these keyowrds and perform a macro on them?



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Yeah, that's the metadata that you can find in the document properties then. In Word, for instance, if you open the doc and go File > Properties I think you will see the same thing.


There are indexing tools like Google Desktop and crawler apps that will look into each of your documents and record all that data in a Db or whatever. Als search indexers like Microsofts Index Service on Windows Server will collect all these so you can search from and Windows machine on the network. However I don't know exactly what you are trying to do so I don't know if this will work for you. But you might look for a metadata crawler that could create an index for you.


But if you wanted you could use ME as a crawler. I think it would be fairly straight forward to show ME a directory and do a Repeat With Folder whihc could optionally include subfolders, that would find any and all files wiht teh DOC extension. When it found one it could launch the document in Word and blast down into the properties section and look for, record, or whatever yuou want to do with the keywords. I think it would be fairly simple to do but you would have to put up with ME opening and closing a bunch of Word docs.


BTW, the keywords appear to be plain text in the document. One might be able to figure out how to find the keywods section in the document and have ME act on it. Or you can search it too.


What exactly are you trying to do?

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That's exactly what I want to do with ME. A lot of my documents are scanned and Copernic/Google/Microsoft crawlers read through all that stuff if it was a saved file.


Most of my stuff is scanned and I want to be able to use keywords to be able to better organize these files. I want to be able to copy or move files based on those key words.


I am still not too 100% sure how to go about grabbing these keywords and then doing a repeat on them, but any suggestions would help!





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On doing a Google search for "file properties summary keywords", the 10th reference ("Summary - Changes file properties and summary info. change the ...") yields this low-priced utility:



You may be able to use this utility via ME to extract your keywords, then have your macro process them accordingly.

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