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Just purchased Macro Express 3 and so far everything is going well. I created a macro using the Capture Keystrokes function.


In one part of my macro, I am hitting the tab key 9 times to get to a certain field. When I go to edit the macro I just created I can see it executing the tab 9 times (see below, I have this line 9 times) :




Is there a way to say TAB 9 times in one line?

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Personally I almost never use the recorder anymore. In the beginning it was OK but with about 5 minutes of looking at the Text Type command you will realize it's just as easy to enter them from the scripting editor. Especially if you consider the times when later you have to come in and modify it. Oh, and I don't know about you but I often muff it when I'm doing the recorder and tab too many times or whatever. For me it's easier to have a notepad nearby and make little notes like "t -> 9" and so on as my own recorder.


If you open the Text Type command you can put any number of tabs in there and it will appear as one line.




However I often find it useful to use a repeat instead. Especially when you have 27 tabs. You see one day you might need to change them or will be debugging and have to count them all which is a pain. It’s easier to have a repeat with X number of iterations with a singe tab inside. This way it’s easy to keep count and vary it if need be.


<REP3:01:000001:000001:00008:0:01:><TEXTTYPE:<TAB> ><ENDREP>

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Thanks for the Info!!! This will help! And your right about the code, it's more straight foward and easier to debug. I do have a question regarding the iteration.


What does the <REP3:01:000001:000001:00008:0:01:> represent? The 00008:0:01 is this telling the macro to tab 9 times? Not sure what the other stuff is for.


I understand the <TEXTTYPE:<TAB> ><ENDREP>

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I'm sorry, I should explain something. When we communicate here we often copyclip commands from the macro and paste them in here. The intention is that you copy the part in the code section and paste it into your scripting editor. It's a quick and dirty way to share a couple of commands.


In the scripting editor one can copy the commands or one can right click and copy the command text. In ME what looks like:

Repeat Start (Repeat 8 times)
 Text Type: <TAB> >
Repeat End

isnt' enough because most of the important info is hidden. If you click on the Direct Editor in ME you will find that to ME it actually looks like this:

<REP3:01:000001:000001:00008:0:01:><TEXTTYPE:<TAB> >><ENDREP>

However most of us can't read this at all hence the Scripting editor we actually work in.


Anyway we use the crazy looking stuff from the direct editor to pass things back and forth. If you paste in the bit above you will see the command and understand what's going on. All of the bits seperated by colons are different parameters. FOr instance I wanted it to repeat 8 times starting at 1 in increments of 1. However I'm not sure which 1 is which in this case. <g>

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