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Limited Delay For Operator Input

Les Hazlett

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I need some ideas for doing something new (for me).


I have generated a scheduled macro task in ME which is scheduled to run during the workday. When the scheduled time arrives, I may or may not be at my desk.


If I am not at my desk, I want the task to begin automatically. If am working on my PC, I want to choose when the macro runs - now or later. What I have now, is an audible alert and a floating text box giving me 10 seconds to abort before the macro begins execution.


This isn’t a good operator interface. Using a right click on the running man is awkward. I need a better way to await operator input for a specific time period before the macro resumes execution.


Please suggest a better method.


Thanks, Les Hazlett

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Hi Les,


I use the "If message". It allows me to set a default timeout and I can assign the default action to either button. (I really like that I can name the buttons anything I want to, too!). So, if I'm understanding this correctly, this should work better.



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