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Make One Macro Stop Another.


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How do I get one macro to stop another macro?


Let's say I have an infinite loop macro that I run with ALT-F1.


While that macro is running, I want to be able to stop it with ALT-F12.


What is the best way to do that?


I can't just use the ScrollLock-Pause method because that insists on popping up a dialog box telling me the macro has been aborted, and that is undesirable! (I wish it would just abort the macro silently... but there appears to be no option for that.)


Can two macros run at once (if the ALT-F1 macro is already running, can I even run the ALT-F12 macro)?


If that answer to that question is yes, can two macros share variables? (Then I could do the infinite loop macro with a variable and stop it by changing the variable in the other macro.)


Thanks very much for any help!

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Version 3.7 has added a new feature under the Preferences to do this. Click on Options and then select Preferences. Select the Miscellaneous option on the left and then click on the Advanced button in the bottom right corner of the window. Uncheck the HotKey Abort option to suppress the abort message.


If you are using an earlier version of Macro Express 3, you can download the tweakme file from http://www.macros.com/downmore.htm. This is a playable macro that you can run to change certain settings in Macro Express that would otherwise be impossible to change.

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