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Using The Reistry To Rename A File


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Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if there was a way of auto renaming a file.


I'll give an example.


Suppose that I open up a brand new Word document. At the top, the title bar says "Document 1-Microsoft Word". I would like Macro Express to ask me whether or not to rename the file. Of course, I would like a Macro to recognize the title bar. If yes, pull some information elsewhere to name it, if no, stop the Macro all together.


Can this all be done when the Word Document is open and not named yet?


Where in the registry can this be done? I would assume this is the only way to do this or is there another way?



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Why would you want to use the registry? Just set a text var to the window title and parse out the file name. You could look for patterens like "Document X" to see if it had been saved yet.

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