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Control-shift Arrow Button On Excel Possible?


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I have loads of data and over 150 work sheets. Is it possible to automate the Control-Shift Arrow button? I have 5 columns and about 600-1000 lines on each sheet. I am trying to automate the highlight copy and paste to another place via Macro Express.


I tried the Text Type, "CTRLD, SHFTD, Right Arrow" ut it freezes up my system all the time. Is there another way of doing this?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I don't have an answer for what you are trying to do but I would suggest that this is not best way to select a range. Personally I use Excel's F5 command instead. Basically you do the F5 then spec the range like A1:G456 and enter. It's super easy. Also I have written macros that will add logic to this so that it will note the users current position from the status bar and then create a range that is X over and Y down from that position. That's all really easy.


Also I don’t know if you know this or not but all the copyclips from Excel and most Office applications appear as tab separated files when read into ME. From there it’s super simple to parse and manipulate data internally in ME instead of arrowing all over the place in Excel and running into problems like what you mention.

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