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Keystrokes Not Being Registered


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I have a situation where I need to open a website, select a login option (providing a user ID and password), then open a secondary login window that has the user ID filled in, press either the space bar or Enter to activate the window, type the password a second time, then select an option from a pop-up menu.


Open website and maximize the browser. (No problem.)

Type user ID, tab, password, Enter. (No problem.)

Click button on Web interface. (No problem.)

Wait for window to open, give it focus, and press spacebar to activate it. (No problem.)


When Macro Express tries to send the password a second time, nothing happens even though the control, which seems to be an ActiveX applet, registers the spacebar or the Enter key.


I have tried slowing the key rate to half a second between keystrokes, waiting 5 seconds between the time I send the space or Enter (I've tried both) and when I send the password. Nothing works.


Ideas would be most welcome!

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