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How Can I Run A Macro From A Command Line?


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Hi, I'd like to be able to use Trillian Pro's "word matching" feature or find some other way to activate a macro in response to a received IM. Trillian's word matcher automatically scans for words, and the most "custom" thing it can do is run a program and have arguments on the command line. So is there a way to have it run the Macro Express executable with an argument after that to specify a macro?


OR, is there another, easier way to accomplish this just with Macro Express?

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This should do it

"c:\Program Files\Macro Express3\meproc.exe" /AMyMacroName

If you want to pass variables into the macro when you call it do this

"c:\Program Files\Macro Express3\meproc.exe" /AMyMacroName /VT2:String Variable

and then put a Variable Restore All macro command at the top of your macro (MyMacroName).



- Adjust the path if Macro Express is installed in other than the default folder.

- Change MyMacroName to the name of your macro.

- Make sure that you do not have more than one macro with the same name.

- Look in the Command Line Parameters topic in the Macro Express Help for more information.

- The Knowledgebase article It seems that meproc.exe was... has a description of meproc.exe.


There are also ways to execute macros using windows messages. Look in the Macro Express help or search this forum for more information.

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Thank you! Alternatively, I also noticed that I had completely missed the "Export as Playable Macro" function, so I can run the macro itself as an executable as long as ME is installed on the system I'm running that on. Works pretty well for me. Thank you again. :) I will probably be posting another question soon for tips on doing the exact thing I want...just try not to get too advanced on me, hehe.

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