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Coolest Thing You've Done With Me?


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Hi ya'll...


First and foremost... Macro Express ROCKS! I've never experienced a more user friendly Tool, Support Staff, or User Community. Awesome :)


Just wanted to post a fun question: What is the coolest thing you've ever done with ME? And please don't be humble about it. Let it all hang out :lol:




~Keith :D

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In my opinion is ME by itself totally cool, so I would say that even a simple macro can be a huge time saver :-)


One of my macros, was stepping through a MS Access database with approx 1100 customers, looking at the zip code, then filling in the city name. The information was taken from a csv-file.


Another one: I got 440 phone numbers from another company databse, these phone numbers was sorted in an ascii-file, then ME passed all of these into a web-based database, copying and pasting address info etc. into another file.


I also have af bunch of macros for a 3D-CAD system (Autodesk Inventor Series) which every time I use them, put a smile on my face.


So far I have around 200 macros in ME, all of them pretty helpfull. I guess that for me as for every ME user it is a funny sport to eliminate manual work on a computer :-)


And yes I have shown my colleagues ME and advertised for that.


regards Lars

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good question :D


I have a set of about 800 macros but I think the one I'm the most proud of is a macro to analyze "speckled" (hope it's english ?) bitmaps and perform characters recognition  :rolleyes:

Um, please, please tell me you're not using this to spam newlists/message boards that use the speckeled text authentication to filter out bots? (Sorry, it's just the only use I can think of for this at the moment).


Please clear up this possible misunderstanding by sharing what this macro is used for?


(In any case, I agree it would be some fine coding to get it to work, but still...)

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There have been so many things! Here are two:


1) The interface that we created between Macro Express and Visual FoxPro. It allowed us to use Macro Express as a controlling program for automating tasks within the accounting package that some of our customers use (entering data, table maintenance, generating reports, and so forth). For our purposes, it extended the Macro Express language.


2) When Macro Express 3.0 was released, we had a project that required watching and trapping auction pages lists (about 20,000 per month). The client had a bank of computers that saved items and item numbers, parsed them to get the descriptions, auction amounts, bid countdowns, and so forth. All of the data was sent to another computer where the pictures would be grabbed and saved, and the descriptions parsed to create subclasses of the items. Each bit of data was saved in tables where a "history" was being kept. Except for the database work, was all generic Macro Express ... merrily humming along ... 24/7.

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Well I must say, I could provide a very extensive list of cool things I have done with Macro Express! But here are just a couple:


First off... Macro Express has changed my job! I started with my company processing insurance claims, but after using Macro Express so often, I became somewhat of an "expert" in my office. People were relying on me for macro help so often, that I barely had time for my regular work. So now it is my full time job! For 40 hours a week, all I do is work with this incredible program, and I LOVE doing it! I am even traveling across the country now to other sites, training them on how to use and create macros, and making sure everything runs smoothly. And the best part is, even after all the time I have spent using this program, I know I have only scraped the surface of what I can do with Macro Express. Every week, sometimes every day, I happen upon a new idea, or a better way to do something that I have already been doing for months. And still to this day, I still get excited every time a new macro comes together and works like a charm. Thanks Insight for this awesome software!


Most recently, I developed something that I find very cool. We have found that processors that are not reaching their production standard often aren't using their macros to their fullest potential. If you ask them if they use them, of course they are going to tell you they use them all the time. So I have started tracking macro usage. Every time a user activates a macro, the macro pulls their name from a text file that is placed in their personal folder on a shared drive. It then updates an ini file to count how many times they use each macro. Using the same text files, when the users activate a macro that they all have to piece together letters that they often send, their name is automatically entered in the signature of the letter. This eliminates every person from having to change the name in the Macro script. And for those people that get too excited with their "delete" key, I have a macro that runs every 5 minutes on my own PC that will tell me if any of the "name" files have gotten accidentally deleted. So after months and months of work, when this all came together, it was AWESOME. All the info feeds to ini files, and the ini files feed to Excel spreadsheets. So every week, each supervisor gets a nice spreadsheet showing every processor, and how many times they have used each macro.


OK, one more... If you want to have some fun... (Don't get in trouble!) I use Macro Express all the time to play pranks in the office. I used to do this by creating macros at my desk, and then sneaking over to a co-workers PC when they step away form their desk and importing it. But now I have access to everbody's macro files and I can update them from my desk to make it much easier! Just a few examples... I have "planted" macros that will:


:ph34r: Make somebody's CD drawer open, wait 5 seconds, close, and repeat 5 times.

:ph34r: For those that I know use their PC to listen to CDs all day, you can make their volume increase by one notch every 3 minutes. They think they are losing their mind!

:ph34r: Install one of the many many practical joke programs on a shared drive and have a macro activate the program. Practical jokes have never been this easy!

:ph34r: There is a girl in our office who refers to herself as "Princess". So I planted a macro so that every time she types "Michelle" (name changed to protect the innocent), it changed it to "Princess Michelle".


OK, that's enought for me. I can go on and on for days. Thanks Keith for starting such a FUN thread! I love hearing the cool things people have done with this program. :D

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