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:huh: I'm trying to build a multiple choice macro where the choices (A through ....) run other macros. My problem is I cannot get my macro to run more than one of the multiple choice options. I can celect multiple choices but macro only works if I have just one selected. I did change from radio button to check box) I am using the example "Menu of Sample Macros" as my template.
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Thanks Cory. Why is there an option on the Muliple Choice Menu to select checkbox menu, where you can then make more than one choice.


In the sample macro (copied below) it even implies that you can run more then one.


Thanks again. EA



// ===========================================================================

// Sample Macro - Menu of Sample Macros

// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


// What it does:

// This macro will display a menu of the sample macros and allow you to select which one(s)

// to run.


// To incorporate a similar feature in your macros, use the Scripting Editor to study how this

// macro works and change it as needed.


// Variables used:

// T98 - Multiple Choice Menu selection

// T99 - DONE flag

// Variables used by the called macros


// Written by:

// Insight Software Solutions, Inc.

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Because multiple choice is often used for other things besides running macros. For instance I have a fax monitor and alert macro and the operator can choose multiple email recipients to notify of a new inbound fax. Sometimes you want Fred and sometimes you want Fred and Susan.


To me their plural does not imply simultaneous execution. If you want to try multiple macros you can. Just not at the same time. Hence the parenthesized plural.

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The thing that may have thrown us off is your statement '...run other macros'. Are you running these macros using Macro Run commands to run these macros? If so, you should be fine.


From your description it sounds like you may not be checking the result of the Multiple Choice Menu command correctly. If you select only one item in the Multiple Choice Menu, your variable will contain something like A, or 'Selection One' or 'Selection &One'. You can successfully use If Variable %T1% = "A" (or "Selection One" or "Selection &One").


However, if you select more than one item in the Multiple Choice Menu then your variable will contain something like AC, or 'Selection OneSelection Two' or 'Selection &OneSelection &Two'. In this case you need to use the If Variable Contains command. Something like this:

Multiple Choice Menu: Testing

If Variable %T1% contains "Selection &One"
 Macro Run: *** Macro One ***
End If
If Variable %T1% contains "Selection &Two"
 Macro Run: *** Macro Two ***
End If
If Variable %T1% contains "Selection Th&ree"
 Macro Run: *** Macro Three ***
End If

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