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Trouble Printing Out From Forum


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I've noticed that some of the posts gets very wide. For instance Corys and my own, why is that? I can't see that i'm doing something that could cause that.


I sometimes printout some of the exellent tips from this forum and the trouble is that with this wide post i don't get all the text or code.


Can anyone please present a solution to this problem and i'll have a nice weekend. :-)

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We should figure out how to fix that. I was thinking about the same thing recently and was pretty sure it was the direct editor pastes. But I think if we tried to put any extra characters in the code would break. For instance I know if you actually enter a CRLF in the direct editor it will actually do a TextType. Maybe something in a remark? Mabe it’s only when it doesn’t have any spaces? Then again we could just make them attachments.

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