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Find And Replace Text?


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I am fairly new to ME but really like how helpful it has been for speeding up my work. Every day I learn something new with this program.


I need to periodically make updates to a database (it's a library program called Voyager which will most likely not mean anything to most people) What I need to do is search for a specific text string and replace it with a new string. For example I need to change the spelling of Kutenai to Kootenai. Currently I have to look in each record visually find each occurrence of the word and then make the changes. I could make ME do the changes for me if the text I was looking for was always in the same location on the page but it is not. The text is stored in fields kinda like in excel and in order to enter text we tab through the fields. Is there a way to have ME search for a word (or string of words) and then replace it?


I have to make this change in literally hundreds of records so any way that ME can help would be greatly appreciated. And please if someone does have an idea of how to do this please remember that I am new to macros and ME.




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This takes 3 steps:


1. Copy the text string into a variable. You should be able to copy it to the clipboard and then copy from the clipboard to a variable.


2. Use the Replace "Kutenai" with "Kootenai" in %T1% command. This is found in the 'Variable Modify String' command dialog.


3. Use the Text Type to put type the content of the variable out to the Voyager program.

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Ok that makes sense. But I must be missing something because it didn't work. It appears to be cutting the text but when it replaces the text instead of showing the new text it pasted this : <MSD:80>


I am unable to copy the the entire document to the clipboard because of the Voyager program but I think ME can still be useful. I will still have to manually scan the record for the lines that need to be changed but then I can just click the mouse at the beginning of each line and let the macro cut the text, make the change, and then paste the change back in. Here is what I have for my macro:







Does anyone see something obvious that I'm doing incorrectly?


Thanks for your help!

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