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Capture Application's Database Value Into A Variab


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I will be using a program like Mediamonkey or J. River Media Center to convert my cd collection to digital music on my computer. I would like to know if it's possible in a macro to capture a field value from the library (database) of an application like the above, into Macro Express a variable, and if so, how. The variable I want to capture is the name of the artist of th currently playing track, so that I can call Foxpro and go to that artist's website.



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Hey, that’s a cool idea! And yes it can be done. Assuming the field is visible when it’s playing. Otherwise you will have to navigate to it.


Check out ME’s windows control commands. They allow macro express to interact with windows controls such as buttons and text fields. There is a tutorial in the help file under tutorials-advanced demonstrating how to use controls to interact with windows calculator. You can use this technique to get text from an invisible field, or even an invisible field in some cases, or even activate macros.

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