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White Space In Script Affects Macro Run


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As a long time programmer, I prefer to create macros using the direct editor. However, I am finding that any white space affects the running of the macro. In other words, if I press ENTER at the end of a line to start a new line, the ENTER key is "played" when the macro runs. Same for all white space, including spaces, tabs, etc.


Here is an example (line numbers added for clarity):


01:<IVAR2:01:02:FHow many URLsFTCenter:Center>



04: <IFVAR2:2:01:1:1>

05: <TEXTTYPE:Here is a link to this item on our web site:>

06: <ELSE>

07: <TEXTTYPE:Here are the links to these items on our web site:>

08: <ENDIF>







15: <MACRUN2:URL 1>



If this macro runs, it inserts all of the white space between the macro commands, not just the white space desired when using the TEXTTYPE command. To get the correct result, I have to remove all white space from the macro, which makes the macro look like the following:


01:<IVAR2:01:02:FHow many URLs?FTCenter:Center><IFVAR2:2:01:4:0><IFVAR2:2:01:1:1><TEXTTYPE:Here is a link to this item on our web site:><ELSE><TEXTTYPE:Here are the links to these items on our web site: ><ENDIF><ENDIF><REP3:05:000001:000001:0001:0:01:><TEXTTYPE:





This works, but is not easy to read and not very maintainable. Note that line 1 now extends for almost 200 characters, and the macro is condensed to four lines of code.


Is there a setting I am missing somewhere that will turn off the literal interpretation of white space in a macro script? I only want white space when using the TEXTTYPE command.


Ted Blue

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When editing via the Direct Editor all unformatted input is converted into Text Type commands. So, if you insert an <Enter>, it will become a "Text Type: <ENTER>" command.


You can include whitespace in the Scripting Editor by including a Remark statement and leaving it blank. Here is a simple macro as displayed in the Scripting Editor:

Text Type: <ENTER>Stuff

Text Type: more stuff<ENTER>

This is the same macro as displayed by the Direct Editor:


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