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Opening A File [resolved]


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Hi everyone - long time ME user first time hitting the boards (spend most of my time w/ Excel, haven't really put much in to ME yet)....my first attempt at writing a (non-VBA) macro, as opposed to recording it (which produces a similar undesired result) is not working. It's a simple starting point for something eventually a bit more complex to be incorporated in to my Excel automation (sorry to ramble).


Anyway, based on a post I found, I used


Text Type: <ALT> F
Text Type: O


Now, when I do this manually in Paperport, it works fine - opens the selected document. But when I run it via macro, it first opens the FILE menu, then minimizes the window! But the document does not get opened. When I ran it from Windows Explorer, same result.


Can anyone shed some light on my newbie shortcomings?




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When you sent <ALT>F what is really sent is

<ALT><Shift Down>f<Shift Up>

It may work better if you send

Text Type: <ALT>f
Text Type: o

Some programs do not care if you use upper-case letters but some programs do.


Even this does not work in some programs. You may need to do this

Text Type: <ALTD>f<ALDU>
Text Type: o

Another thing you might try is to set the Text Type Delay. Many MS Office programs, particularly the more recent versions, do not allow Text Types at full speed. I recommend that you set this value to 300 microseconds or greater. Click Options, Preferences, Delays.

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