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Use Of Screen Scraping W/ Macro Express


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I'm new with using Macro Express and I was wondering if there is any capability to be able to read information off of a screen so that I can then 'type' a certain command depending on what information is on the screen. I'm looking to automate some of our day to day activities. One case is running a macro to check our disk space and capture it to a file, so I would like to run through the entire process but wait for certain prompts to show up on the screen before entering each of the commands because the timing of the prompts showing up may not be the same everyday. So I am looking for some way to be able to control when the commands are entered based on what is displayed on the screen.

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actually, I imagine that it is easier than that! I imagine you are just waiting for various "windows" with your prompt in them, so that you can usethe macro express "wait for window to gain focus" and so forth. These are much easier to use. It is possible also to use the "windows control" options, probably better if they work, but also a little more complicated to program and understand.


All the best, Randall.

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I am using a ME macro to get important info from an Ebay auction and paiste it into my Lotus Organizer calendar plus setting the alarm 5 minutes before the auction ends. The user is being asked to mark the interesting fields that have to be copied and click OK in a relative textbox. I would prefer to get the info automatically as some programs with screenscraping do.


Any idea to achieve this ?

(The colors don't change in the interesting fields, so get pixel color doesn't work)

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I've used ME to do screen scraping. The application (IE = CTRL + A) I screen scrap from allows me to select all text in the window with a keyboard shortcut. I then copy the selected items and either asign it to a variable or save it to file for further manipulation.


If you want a specific area of text this is obviously trickier but if you want to capture everthing the above should work fine, If the application doesn't have a shortcut to select all maybe have ME move mouse with L Mouse button down from upper left corner to lower right corner and maybe that would select text region.

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