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Announcement: Macro Express V 3.7a Released


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A new version of Macro Express has been released. This version fixes a handful of bugs that remained in the Macro Express v 3.7 release of June 1, 2007.


Changes in v 3.7 include:

  • Made improvements to allow Macro Express to work better with Windows Vista.
  • Added 'Program Version Number' to the 'Set Variable from Misc' command.
  • Fixed a bug with wildcards in the 'Copy File or Files' and 'Move File or Files' commands.
  • Added additional Menu Styles and Menu Animation selection.
  • Enhanced the 'Wait for Mouse Cursor' command.
  • Fixed several bugs that caused crashes.

Changes in v 3.7a include:

  • Fixed a bug in handling file attachments in the E-Mail Send command.
  • Fixed a bug in the Window Reposition/Resize commands where some windows were not affected.
  • Fixed a bug in the Delete File/Files command where the directories that matched the wildcard were not deleted.
  • Fixed a problem on Vista where the program wasn't fully licensed after the license information was entered until the program was restarted.

Note that minor version number updates are free for those who own a Macro Express 3 license.

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