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Each morning I have a scheduled macro that runs a series of database extractions, ftp transfers and database updates. Sometimes it's not convenient to run this job at the scheduled time if I'm in the middle of something else.

When my scheduled macro starts, it displays a dialog box and makes a sound each second for 10 seconds, showing that the job will start in n seconds (10...9...8, etc.).

If I close this dialog box manually, the job never starts.


Below in the code for this macro. The variable %N99% can be set by the calling macro to the number of seconds to display the dialog box (it defaults to 10), and the variable %T99% can be set to a job name to display (it defaults to "the job in hand"). This macro also uses the variable %N98%.

<REM2:Timeout number of seconds><IFVAR2:2:99:1:0><IVAR2:99:01:10><ENDIF><REM2:><REM2:Display Pause dialog box for N99 seconds><IFVAR2:1:99:1:><TVAR2:99:01:the job in hand.><ENDIF><REP3:08:000001:000002:0099:0:01:0><WAV2:C:\WINDOWS\Media\Windows XP Battery Low.wav><TBOX4:T:3:001760000467000320000084:002:Pausing (closes and continues after %N99% seconds)Close this dialogue box to abort all further processing for %T99%><DELAY:1><IFOTH:04:2:Pausing (closes and continues after %N98% seconds)><TBCLOSE:Pausing (closes and continues after %N98% seconds)><ENDIF><IFOTH:12:2:Pausing (closes and continues after %N99% seconds)><CLEARVAR1:A:ALL><VARSR:01><MSTOP><ELSE><NMVAR:07:99:0:0000098:0:0000000><NMVAR:09:99:0:0000001:0:0000000><ENDIF><ENDREP><TBCLOSE:Pausing (closes and continues after %N98% seconds)>

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