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Post Message And Wparam And Lparam


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I have been attempting to control application buttons using mouse macros.

(what a nightmare) (see previous post)


I have discovered that the particular application supports windows messages, and these were listed in the products SDK.


Seemingly, Macro Express has the ability to 'post' these messages to other Windows applications, but the help file states no help with this is available?


Anyone here know how to use the post message command in Macro Express?.


Here is a sample message that activates the 'rec' button of the app I wish to control with Macro Express.



Handle Parent WinName Window Class Executable WParam LParam


459522 459526 DDR VideoEditor_DDR DDR.exe 1 262146


Type Left Click




I have a similar list of commands for all other buttons in the application.



How does the above translate into the form that Macro Express uses?



Any help appreciated..



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There are two ways to to send messages to a windows application, 'PostMessage' and 'SendMessage'. Macro Express only supports PostMessage. There is no mechanism to receive a response from the application that the message was sent to.


The help says that we do not provide support for explaining how messages work. However it goes on to indicate what to put in the 'Message to Post', 'WParam' and 'LParam' fields. There is also a description from Microsoft about how messages work. Click on 'Additional Window Message Information' inside the PostMessage help topic to view this description.


Each and every application that runs on Windows (including Macro Express) has its own set of messages and parameters for those messages. Normally these messages are not documented. Due to the sheer volume of information, we cannot provide details about messages for any applications.

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