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I'm doing data entry and have a whole bunch of macros that record files being opened, saved, lines created, and other functions by using the "Variable modify integer".


This allows me at any time, to open a text box that contains all the data collected during the day, however, it is all in dynamic form and I would like to save it automatiucally.


I am trying to figure out how to put this data, which is already being collected in variables, into an excel or text file on a daily basis in order to build an overall entry stats page for comparative purposes, ie- something that can be input into a database.


I'm ok at programming, but not quite an intermediate yet!

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So what's your question? Just kidding.


I do this with many macros. Personally I find using a TAB to create a tab delimited file works great. I save them with the .tab extension and associate that with Excel. Works great.

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