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Timestamps--need Macro


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I find it totally mindboggloing that there deos not seem to be a single way with ME to capture/manipulate a file's timestamp (date and time). I do not see a SINGLE command anywhere to do this, and yet changing time stamps on files is a major thing with file maintenance, and there are tons of utilties to do this.


I guess I am going to have to devise some complex method of using ME to launch some 3rd party program to tinker with timestamps.


Does anyone know of any macro already developed to such a thing?

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You are correct, Macro Express does not have a command to change a file's date and time stamp. It does, however, have a command to read this information. Try the Variable Set From File Date/Time command.


There are a number of free programs that change a file's date and time stamp that you could use.


You can enter feature requests by visiting the Request a Feature web page.

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I remember doing this a long time ago from the command prompt but I fail to find the command now. But a quick look online shows some utilities like DirDate which are command line driven. I would use somethign like this and put somethihg like "dirdate -CREATION date=12/25/2000 time=12:00:00 myfile.doc" in hte launch command.

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