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Sequential Macros?


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I would like to write/record a macro or series of macros, whereby each time I click the mouse the next in a series of commands is performed.


I need to do this without moving the mouse (so no, I can't just assign each macro to a different screen area).


Is there an easy way to do this? I am a newbie to Macro Express and I'm not a programmer.


Thanks in advance,



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There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. You could write one long macro that uses one of the Wait Left Mouse Click, Wait Right Mouse Click, or Wait Middle Mouse Click commands.


Another thing you might try is to write several individual macros and one 'master' macro. The master macro would run each time you click the mouse and then call one of the individual macros. You would need to keep track of how often you had clicked the mouse. The sample macro titled 'Counter_From_Run_To_Run' demonstrates how a macro can keep track between activations. This macro is found in the samples.mex macro file found in the folder where you installed Macro Express (by default, c:\Program Files\Macro Express3).

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