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I have posted this message at a bunch of different places and just can't seem to find a response. Thought I would post here and hope for the best...


Everybody says Photoshop can DO.


I say sure!?!?


1. I want to rotate a cocked page when I do a clip.

2. I never know the exact percentage or degree of rotation, that’s strictly a guess.

3. What I do know is usually some kind of a straight line or edge in picture.

a. Good example would be a scan of a book’s front page. It usually has a “title” that is horizontal to the page. This is my starting point.




1. If I draw a line horizontal to the “title”, and can execute crop I have my solution providing the program knows that that line is the horizontal of my picture.

2. Here’s my way of thinking for this. If I can draw the line as I indicated above and hit enter and it goes horizontal that’s good. But some Photo program is going to take it to the next step. And I hope it’s you. Two buttons that can interact with that horizontal line.

a. Horizontal button would rotate the page whereas your line would end up horizontal.

b. A vertical button would rotate the page where your line is vertical or perpendicular.


Bottom line a photo editing program that has a crop tool that can crop based on a line you draw over your picture that can go vertical or horizontal. It would automatically line the picture up to be perfectly horizontal or vertical.


I hope this explains to you what my needs are. Do you have a work around for what I’m trying to do? I do have macro capabilities with Macro Express.




Trying to do the rotation by degrees is like trying to spread butter on bread on a baked potato with a hot fork. You know if nobody else has this and it’s something new it would be like a shoe manufacturer making shoes with no way to hold them on and someone coming around and saying hey why don’t we use laces on those.




You have a page from a book that you scanned and it is maybe

> 10-15 degrees off from being straight. In other words the picture is

> cocked. Then on that page you have a title and that title is 'This Is

> the Story of Computers.' What you would do is draw a line under 'This

> Is the Story of Computers', clicking A (horizontal) would cause that

> page to rotate to a perfect picture view. If you click B (vertical)

> that page would rotate to a perfect landscape view; in this case that

> would be an undesirable choice. But in some cases that would be a

> desirable value.

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We've used PaperPort a lot over the years.

Visioneer Click Products, 3rd Party Software.

There was a feature that you could use to align by clicking on one portion of the document, drag and release or click again. It may also auto rotate.

Here's some code I threw together to execute such a feature.

Prompt the user for the number of times to rotate clockwise and rotate it.


<REM2:Prompt user:  Rotate clockwise how many times?><IVAR2:01:02:FRotate clockwise how many times?TTCenter:Center><REM2:Execute rotation N1 times.><REP3:05:000001:000001:0001:0:01:><REM2:Keyboard Shortcut><CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:r><CTRLU><REM2:OR><REM2:Click button.><MMW2:100,100><LCLK><REM2:Delay between rotations.><MSD:0300><ENDREP><REM2:Execute alignment feature.><REM2:Keyboard Shortcut><CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:i><CTRLU><REM2:OR><REM2:Click button.><MMW2:150,100><LCLK><REM2:Delay.><MSD:0300><REM2:Go near beginning of title.><MMW2:250,250><REM2:Click button down.><LDN><REM2:Go near end of title.><MMW2:450,250><REM2:User to click and release left button up.>

    // Prompt user:  Rotate clockwise how many times?

    Variable Set Integer %N1% from Prompt

    // Execute rotation N1 times.

    Repeat with Variable using %N1%

      // Keyboard Shortcut

      Control Key Down

      Text Type: r

      Control Key Up

      // OR

      // Click button.

      Mouse Move Window 100, 100

      Mouse Left Button Click

      // Delay between rotations.

      Delay 300 Milliseconds

    Repeat End

    // Execute alignment feature.

    // Keyboard Shortcut

    Control Key Down

      Text Type: i

    Control Key Up

    // OR

    // Click button.

    Mouse Move Window 150, 100

    Mouse Left Button Click

    // Delay.

    Delay 300 Milliseconds

    // Go near beginning of title.

    Mouse Move Window 250, 250

    // Click button down.

    Mouse Left Button Down

      // Go near end of title.

      Mouse Move Window 450, 250

      // User to click and release left button up.


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