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How Can I Process A Utf-8 Formatted Text File?


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Initially I had the same problem trying to use ME to work with Japanese. I found that if you use the Regional and Language Options control panel to set the Language for non-Unicode programs to Japanese, ME will then work perfectly with Shift-Jis encoded Japanese. Perhaps if you set the Language for non-Unicode programs to Chinese, then ME will work with Big5 (or other Chinese encoding) text files, however I have not tried this so I'm not certain.

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Thanks Namino for advice.


The Regional and Language Options control panel has already been set to the Language for non-Unicode for Chinese. It seems not help :(


I've found many ways to process Chinese correctly. But recently, I encountered problems to process a UTF-8 text file, which is downloaded from a FTP server. I found that if the file contained no Chinese character, M.E. processes it correctly, but once the file contains Chinese character, M.E. can not process the file correctly, I cannot get what I actually need from the file.


How can I solve this problem?

Or, Is there any simple way to re-encode the UTF-8 file to an ANSI file by M.E.? Just process in M.E., no third party utility, windows notepad included. If there was, please post me the macro, thanks very much.

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