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I haven't used Invision Power Board forums before, so maybe I'm doing something silly but I'm having two problems with this forum:


1. The forum doesn't remember me! I have to log in again every time. I went to the members area and made sure the right button was set, but still no joy.


2. Does the forum keep track of my last visit? If so, I can't tell which threads have messages I haven't read. I assumed this would be indicated by the symbols on the left of the thread name, but the little envelopes and arrows don't correlate to anything I can make sense of.


Maybe (2) is related to (1) and it's just that the software doesn't remember anything about me? I'm beginning to feel a little like "Cellophane Man" in the play "Chicago," hehe...


Does anyone know what's going on and perhaps what I'm doing wrong?


- Jim


P.S. I have nothing on my system that I know of which would stop the forum software from leaving a cookie.

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We will check into the "remember me" setting and your other questions. In the meantime, you can see the topics and replies not previously viewed by clicking on the View New Posts link just below the titlebar in the upper right corner.

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Hey Jim,


There were a few settings that needed to be changed to the board. I :blink: HOPE I got them all.


Yes you were right about how it logs you out. This was being caused by the session timeout not being long enough. I think now it will keep you logged in for roughly one year before having you sign in again. I also modified the cookies so hopefully that helped out.


By the way you must have cookies enabled on Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator for it to remeber you.


(2) Jim, I don't believe Invision Board will store how many times you have read the posts. What pushes you to be a higher member is how many posts you make on the Bulliten Board.


ALL USERS Please make sure if you are at the library or public that you remember to click the logout button when you are finished.



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hmm... I tried to modify yet some more settings on the Forum Board. I am just hoping that this will fix it, but I won't know until tomorrow. It will take some fine tuning, but I appreciate everyone patience while we get this worked out.




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