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Mouse Button Clicks Not Working On Laptop


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Hi there,

I have some macros that work great on the PC but fail on my laptop...I will explain as follows...


I have a macro that moves mouse to tray icon, then Right clicks that icon, moves the mouse again to an area of the menu that comes up from right clicking the icon, then it needs to perform a Left click.


This works great on my PC (running XP Pro SP2) and only partly works on my Laptop (also running XP Pro SP2)....when it comes to the Left click, it doesn't happen.


I have redone the macro to have left button down then up, still does not work, and I have tried using keyboard text type command to hit the Enter key which also works fine on my PC, but not my laptop....


...is there something about the left click on laptops that is different to PC's (which I know sounds like a really dumb question)?....


The Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite 17" Widescreen model.




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Mouse click commands work fine on laptop computers. Here are a few things to check:


1. The problem could be due to different screen resolutions.


2. The menu be in a different location when it comes up.


3. You may need to add some delays on the laptop.


4. What version of Windows are you using on your desktop and laptop? If you are using Windows XP on one and Windows Vista on the other then you will need to make your macros more portable.


5. You might want to change the Text Type Delay found in Options, Preferences, Delays to something like 500 or 750 microseconds.

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