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How To Detect The Position Of Hilited Text.


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I have a page that each time it loads slightly different material, it moves the button just a tiny amount for each page so I can never know exactly where it will end up.


That makes it difficult to click by Move Mouse.


It has some text just before the button, is there any way to search for the text and then detect the position of the text so I can move my mouse there and then add the exact offset to the button from the hilited text...


IF I could get the mouse to move to the position of the hilited text, I could then just give it some x y offsets.. I tried tab, but that failed..


In other words the text is always relatively the same offsets to the button, but not from the top of the page...


Anyone have any ideas... this would be a great feature to add as it would really simply moving the mouse to buttons that land at many different places, depending on what other text is on the page..


Hope this all makes sense.




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I see there is a command to Move Mouse to text cursor, but no way to search for text and hilite text and then somehow get the text cursor to that position, since if i could move the text cursor there, then I could move the mouse to that same point and then read the position of the mouse and order the mouse to move a slight relative amount now to the click point..


This seems like it would be a great command, to get the position of hilited text following a Find command..


Any suggestions?

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Is this a web page or program? If is a web page I suggest doing a CTRL+F to find the text then do a TAB - Shift+TAB to move to the hyperlink. If it is a program it is likely the object you want to click on is a control so use the mouse left click on control command.

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