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3.7a Not Starting Up With Windows!


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Just upgraded to 3.7a and it's not starting up with Windows! Even after I check the startup preference and click OK, it gets unchecked again when I go back to preferences. And if I manually copy the Macro Express shortcut into the Windows startup folder, the shortcut disappears after I start the Editor! Any ideas?




Can someone with 3.7a on WinXP confirm if you get this problem too?

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Hey TsunamiZ I was just rereading your first post. So what you're saying is that your settings in the registry aren't sticking. Are any other registry settings reverting? Do you have any sort of registry monitoring software or anti-malware? Might try complte uninstall followed with a manual clean up of the files and registry and do a fresh instal of 3.7a.


I upgraded just like you did but didn't have a problem. And I've done this same upgrade on W2k, W2003S, XP, and Vista on many machines with no problems. It's got to be a problem with your setup.


The part about the shortcut on the desktop is extremely weird. That sounds more like anti-malware being overactive. I mean somethign would actually have to delete the file you created.

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can someone with 3.7a on xp confirm if you get this problem too?

TsunamiZ are you still having this problem? I had the same issues with one of our computers where we tried installing it...we later installed it on a different machine and it worked fine there....I think ME might still be installed on the old machine...I'll look when I get a chance to see if it is still installed and if so, if its still a problem and let you know...in the meantime did you find an answer to the problem?



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We have found and fixed a problem with the startup shortcut. The problem occurs on computers with only one log in name. On most computers, there are separate Startup folders for each individual user and another separate startup folder designated for 'All Users'. But, if there is only one log in name defined, Windows creates only one Startup folder for the individual user and 'All Users'. There are two different filepaths but they both point to the same physical location on the hard drive.


If the shortcut to load Macro Express exists in the Startup folder for the logged on user and the Startup folder for 'All Users', one of them is deleted. On computers with only a single log in name this results in the startup shortcut being deleted in both locations. This change was made to prevent problems where Windows was trying to launch Macro Express more than once.


The next version of Macro Express will contain a correction for this problem. In the meantime, you can manually create a startup shortcut using My Computer/Windows Explorer. To do this on Windows XP:


1. Open My Computer/Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

2. Right-click, choose New, Shortcut to launch the Create Shortcut dialog.

3. Click the Browse button and navigate to the location where Macro Express is installed.

4. Choose the file MacExp.exe and click the OK button.

5. Click the Next button and choose a name for the shortcut. You may use any name other than 'Macro Express 3'. If you choose the name 'Macro Express 3' then Macro Express may delete the shortcut the next time you access the preferences in Macro Express.

6. Click the finish button.


When you install the next version of Macro Express you will need to manually delete the shortcut you created.

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